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War and Politics: Evening update


Russia expanding military presence in Africa

Russia proceeds with increased military power plays in the African Continent. This was reported by Anadolu Agency in April, but has recently been updated by The Daily Beast. Anadolu Agency states that a German government document exposed Russia’s increasing Africa ambitions. This was reported by the German newspaper Bild which cited a classified report from the German Foreign Ministry as its source.  It was reported false by a Kremlin-biased Russian newspaper called Arguments of the Week that the Kremlin was building military bases in Africa.

 Yet, within the last 24 hours, The Daily Beast updated a brief history from 2014 to the present of the Kremlin's pursuit of greater power in the African Continent. The Daily Beast released an investigative report that traces the timeline of a Russian return to the Continent. The Kremlin also moves to train soldiers in Africa. 

The New African Living Standard will monitor future developments of these facts. This report is a bit outdated, with The Daily Beast offering only a little detail in developments. 

The question remains. How greatly will the Beirut tragedy impact Africa politics? 

Our investigation will post what little is known tomorrow, August 9. 


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Coronavirus Yet To Invade Africa, But Is Already Having Impact

As of this writing, there are 315 cases of Wuhan Coronavirus reported outside of China. By what can only be described as a miracle, none of those cases are in Africa.
Yet Africa is not immune to the consequences of the disease. As is true of any disease, there are and will be significant economic fallout both from the disease itself and from the quarantine and containment procedures instituted inside China and internationally. For Africa, much of that fallout will be felt almost immediately.

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FirmRock Farm Review presents: Kenya in Peril

Police kill 12 citizens in an attempt to enforce COVID-19 curfews_ 
Andalou Agency reports that Kenya police have killed at least 12 people in an attempt to enforce a dawn to dusk curfew. Now, citizens wear any makeshift mask that they can muster to stave off the violence of the police.

Within the last two weeks, police became violent enforcers of COVID-19 lockdown. In this footage, by Telegraph UK, Kenyan authorities deployed tear gas. 

In Kiamaiko, a 13-year-old boy was likewise shot by the police. The officer was enforcing COVID-19 curfew: 

Al Jazeera reported later that the police were to investigate the killing of the child: 

France 24 also shared an interview with Kenya's president, who apologized for the "excessive" behavior of riot police: 
Kenya is a country under excessive duress due to COVID-19. Africa News shared this video showing Kenyans dashing madly for food relief, in a stampede, as the country lockdowns add further strain to a food supply already severely d…