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The New African Living Standard Investigates

 Join us this week for the CIOC Mission to Empower Uganda campaign. CIOC Mission to Empower is the effort to stabilize the mission of HIV/AIDS and marginalized community support in the rural areas outside Kampala, Uganda, and verging deeper into the country. These operations have been sidelined by COVID-19, but your support empowers them to thrive in the midst of world economic hardship. 

The New African Living Standard Investigates

What roles does organized crime have in smuggling migrants from West African into Europe? 

This document was written in 2011. It is the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crimes report from one decade prior on how gangs shape the passing of migrants into Europe from West Africa. At the New African Living Standard, we begin each of our investigation reports by gathering documents such as this one from at least one decade back. 

We then scrutinize all reports dating back 10 years, 5 years, and within the last 1-5 years. We compare the reports and the facts to eyewitness statements, expert opinions, and all other current background. 

The New African Living Standard considers "current" background as being any report that posted within the last month for investigations. We consider "news" to be separate from "current events" in the sense that news must be less than 24 hours old and "current"can be relevant to the calendar month. 

This report from 2011 labels some key functions of organized crime in migrant passage. 

__Irregular migrant routes were known to evolve

__In 2011, these routes passed through large expanses of desert. A given example was the Agadez city region in Niger. These routes change frequently. 

__Within the last 24 hours, Relief Web refers to Agadez as retaining its geopolitically sensitive position for refugees and asylum seekers. This confirms that some migratory patterns of refugees through Africa have retained their basic construct within the last decade. 

Niger is reported by the UNHCR as an "increasing place" for "alternative protection." The report is available here.  From these areas and their nearness to the coastline, smugglers and pirates have access to migrants. 

The New African Living Standard will continue to compile these official documents as reports to use as background for our investigation into the status of migrants on the coastlines of Africa and how this impacts the rural charity communities we work with in our reportage projects. 

See some interesting policy discussion on the West Africa region below. 


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