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FirmRock Farm Review

Firm Rock Farm Review_ 
Thursday, July 30, 2020 

The New African Living Standard @Tonight

Today is World Human Trafficking Awareness Day.  As the dawn of this day in America comes closer, we pause to reflect on the losses, grief, and challenges that our brothers and sisters across the African continent face because of human trafficking.

Learn more from this documentary posted by VPRO within the last year.
More information on recent policy reform for human trafficking, first responders, and the challenges of COVID-19.

The Uganda Charity Herald

Special Update from the Uganda Charity Herald
We interrupt our regular content to bring you this update from the Charity is Our Calling Initiative for which Uganda Charity Herald was designated. 

As early as tomorrow, Wednesday, July 29, 2020 in U.S. Central Time, the CIOC initiative will launch a special occasion GoFundMe page to alleviate the sufferings of COVID-19 that have been impressed upon the CIOC financial operations. 

Contact Rachel Brooks at for more information.

The Uganda Tuesday

Today in Uganda's news____

Uganda energy financing. Today in the news. 
Commentary by Bobi Wine. 

FirmRock Farm Review

This week in Kenya's news.
The country discusses the challenges post-Colonialism.
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The Uganda Tuesday

The Uganda Tuesday  Today in Uganda... _____________________________________________________________________________
The Uganda Tuesday was created on behalf of Teso

The Uganda Tuesday

Today, in Uganda news...



The Uganda Tuesday was created on behalf of Teso Pedo organization. Visit to learn more.

FirmRock Farm Review

FirmRock Farm Review
July 9, 2020

Today in Kenya News 
Earlier this week, in Kenya News 
The New African Living Standard created FirmRock Farm Review on behalf of FirmRock Children's Helper Kenya. FirmRock Farm Review is a weekly aggregation of news that impacts the local Kenyan. 
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The Uganda Tuesday

This Tuesday in Uganda. 
___Field hospitals for COVID patients
_Shelter for refugees from Congo_

We created The Uganda Tuesday on behalf of Teso Pedo. See Teso to learn more about supporting farmers in Uganda. 

FirmRock Farm Review

NOTICE: We need mentors for a special tech boost business startup to fund FirmRock projects in Nairobi. Write to for details. 

FirmRock Farm Review
July 2, 2020 

Tuesday, the East African reported that Kenya is now among Africa's top tourist destinations as it acquires a national venture capital boost. Kenya saw a high attraction rate of venture capital between 2014 and 2019. Kenya was behind South Africa which attracted the most venture capital, abbreviated as VC. 

65 per cent of the venture capital deal in Kenya were below the $5 million USD marker. 25 per cent were between $5 million and $20 million dollars. Only three per cent VC deals were over $50 million in size. 
Want to mentor the FirmRock team in tech venture capital seeking? FirmRock seeks to launch a plan to sell electronics to boost the sustainabilty of FirmRock projects with the store proceeds. We are eager to hear from you.