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FirmRock Farm Review

Slow but steady progress
FirmRock Children's Helper Kenya will resume the FirmRock Library Foundation project through the tools at We have launched a campaign via the platform that we will be advertising in greater detail throughout the week. 

Our major objective at this stage is to create a capital stream by which we can start planning the construction of the central office to the FirmRock Library Foundation. 

This first achievement will set us on the path to constructing the entire FirmRock Family Life center on donated property in the community. 

FirmRock is a project near to the heart of the community of Itoloni Village in rural Eastern Kenya. 
__Official Statement of The FirmRock Press Department

Farewell to Queen Victory__Kenya moves past colonialism with removal of statue
Kenya is uncomfortably familiar with the history of colonialism having only received its independence from Great Britain after the Mau Mau Uprising in the late 1950s. The Mau Mau Uprising was led by the major ethnic group the Kikuyu, see the BBC for more history.

The acidic memory of the Mau Mau still stings the soil of the Kenyan nation. There is perhaps one stark memory of the violence between the Western World and Africa. That is the statue of Queen Victoria, England's sovereign lady in the late 19th century. Her statue stood for more than a century in Jeevanjee Gardens, Nairobi. But in 2015, the statue was beheaded and tossed into a bush at the garden site. This was reported by Voice of America on June 11.

In the wake of the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States police officer Derek Chauvin, the entire African Diaspora has been irate for injustices against African descended ethnicities around the world. The people of Nairobi believed that the image of Queen Victoria in their garden went beyond the likeness of a historical monarch. Her image to the people of Nairobi represented an age of slavery, colonialism, and suffering. One that the world is received to see end for the sake of Africans as sovereigns of their own nations, and for the sake of a more hopeful future of peace with the Western world.


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Coronavirus Yet To Invade Africa, But Is Already Having Impact

As of this writing, there are 315 cases of Wuhan Coronavirus reported outside of China. By what can only be described as a miracle, none of those cases are in Africa.
Yet Africa is not immune to the consequences of the disease. As is true of any disease, there are and will be significant economic fallout both from the disease itself and from the quarantine and containment procedures instituted inside China and internationally. For Africa, much of that fallout will be felt almost immediately.

First of many

This is the new official web handle for the New African Living Standard. The New African Living Standard is a passion news project created out of the efforts of the FirmRock Children's Helper media department to bring Africa news by Africans and for Africans.

Over the course of the next few months, we intend to build this project to also include United States correspondence. The FirmRock Press Team is based in the United States and so this is a logical development.

For more information on the original New African Living Standard as it appears via LinkedIn go to this page.

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Thank you for your support of our journalism.

Usoro Obibi Ndu Óhuru Umu Africa.

Usoro Obibi Ndu Óhuru Umu Africa. Ókwa di oke nkpa. Abali abuó na Ónwa abuó (2nd February), Puku abuó na iri abuó (2020).Usoro a ga esi gbochie ógba-aghara na Wuhan: Dika Loum siri gwa ndi Nta-akukó Dika Peter Naylund Kust siri tulegasia ya Usoro Obibi Ndu Óhuru Umu Africa kparitara nkata na Mazi Hans Loum nke ngalaba akpóró Universal Care for Africa, ozugbo Njé a kpóró Coronavirus malitere na obodo Wuhan. "Anyi nwere ike ikwusi nkesa Njé a batara Wuhan na ala isi ojii (Africa) site na ijisi ike na akwócha aka anyi oge nile, oge óbula anyi zere uzere, anyi kwesiri i na ekpuchite imi anyi, anyi a hukwa na anyi enweghi mmeko anyi na onye bu Njé a. Na i be ya nkenke, anyi ga na adi ócha kwa ubóchi. Oge óbula i kwara ukwara ma ó bu ze uzere, sachaa aka gi ófuma tupu isie nri, Kwóó aka gi miri ófuma. O nwere ka ahu si eme gi, gbaga na ulór ahu ike digi nso ka i chóó enyemuaka".

Oge a gbara ya ajuju, ma aga ebutenwu Coronavirus site na mmeko mmadu na anumanu, Mazi Loum a si &…