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The Uganda Tuesday

The Uganda Tuesday 

On Tuesday, in Uganda.
The Associated Press reports the worries of working mother's who sacrifice school fees to feed their children. Women are put in greater jeopardy when their husbands are out of work. Learn more here. 

Softpower Uganda reports that some Ugandan citizens were left stranded in India Tuesday as COVID-19 continues to plague the planet. The stranded citizens are scheduled to arrive in Entebbe International Airport on Wednesday. Softpower cites the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as their source.

Soldier sentenced for murder_

The New African Living Standard

The New African Living Standard 
June 29, 2020
Today in The Uganda Charity Herald news. 
see this post by CIOC. 

In this video, we see CIOC share content to spread hope and joy in a community hit hard by COVID-19. 

Do you like this column? We are expanding New African Living Standard projects. Write to us at if you would like to comment on our projects. 

See Africa News live stream. 

More news and aggregation coming tonight. 

FirmRock Farm Review

FirmRock is open for business. 
FirmRock Children's Helper Kenya is now seeking information regarding business scholarship programs. If you know a stellar grant program and you want to give us a tip, write to our press officer at

More struggle with locusts. 
The BBC reports about a new famine as locusts respawn. Read more at 
Locals report that locusts devour virtually everything in their path. Efforts to control the locusts are considered a fight against a "plague." The locusts themselves compound the fragile living conditions of Kenyans and East Africans who must also live with urban COVID-19 lockdown.

Recap from Kenya's NTV livestream today.

The Uganda Tuesday

The Uganda Tuesday is an aggregation of news created in the interest of Teso Pedo Foundation. See
Today in Uganda, see this news from NTV Uganda.

See also the news regarding the Museveni tribute to Nkurunzinza.

The Uganda Charity Herald

This week in charity news, Coventry City English football launched a fundraiser for a Ugandan supporter. See this at The 18. 

In recent news, a Ugandan inventor designs a robot that will reduce the contact between health workers and COVID-19 patients. This is potentially helpful for charity.

The Uganda Tuesday

The Uganda Tuesday 
The Uganda Tuesday was created on the behalf of Teso 

Accident claims the life of Esther Nakajjigo 
Within the last 24 hours, New Vision reported that an accident claimed the life of Uganda activist Esther Nakajjigo. The accident occurred on June 13. While others in the world were enjoying the noon hour, the sun was setting on the life of Ms. Nakkajjigo, who was an activist for Ugandan Women and Girls. A gate from the Arches National Park in Grand County, Utah, The United States came down smashing the car Nakajjigo was travelling in. She was killed instantly.

Ms. Nakkajjigo was 25-years-old at the time of her passing.

The Uganda Charity Herald

Beware charity and religious scam frauds. See the below video. Share with us your thoughts.

The Uganda Charity Herald was created on behalf of the CIOC Humanitarian Initiative.

In Africa's news this week

This week, in Ghana, following the civil rights protests that were catalyzed by the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Africa-Americans explore their roots. See this clip from NBC that showcases African-American exploration of Ghana.

FirmRock Farm Review

Slow but steady progress
FirmRock Children's Helper Kenya will resume the FirmRock Library Foundation project through the tools at We have launched a campaign via the platform that we will be advertising in greater detail throughout the week. 

Our major objective at this stage is to create a capital stream by which we can start planning the construction of the central office to the FirmRock Library Foundation. 

This first achievement will set us on the path to constructing the entire FirmRock Family Life center on donated property in the community. 

FirmRock is a project near to the heart of the community of Itoloni Village in rural Eastern Kenya. 
__Official Statement ofThe FirmRock Press Department

Farewell to Queen Victory__Kenya moves past colonialism with removal of statue
Kenya is uncomfortably familiar with the history of colonialism having only received its independence from Great Britain after the Mau Mau Uprising in the late 1950s. The Mau Mau Uprising was le…

The Uganda Tuesday

Urgent News from Uganda/Kenya. 
Those of you who are familiar with The New African Living Standard are aware that our publication was created to support CBO projects of the Eastern African region in particular, as well as many other grassroots projects. We find the next news quite disconcerting. Please stay tuned for more information on Teso and for FirmRock Children's Helper Kenya. Our campaign advertisements for these two CBO social groups are intergral to rebuilding farm communities in the impact zone of these recent events.

The East African reported on Tuesday, June 9, that a new swarm of locusts had emerged from the previous food security trap of Turkana County, Kenya. Kenya has moved to keep locusts on ground and aerial control. The hopper bands were sighted in Turkana and Marsabit. Kenyan agricultural authorities warn that the locusts, which were first seen in Turkana last Sunday, are quite likely to spread to Eastern Uganda.

The threat of locusts have impacted …

French forces kill Al Qaeda's leader in North Africa's Mali

The French armed forces claim to have eliminated the Al Qaeda chief in Mali. See the whole story at the video below. 

The Uganda Charity Herald

The Uganda Charity Herald 

This week in Uganda charity news 
The American rapper Rick Ross reportedly will tour in Uganda. However, the tour dates are not known for certain. This is due to the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns. Mr. Ross will tour in Uganda for charity. This is citing allAfrica news. 

The Rick Ross charity concert was also tentatively reported by Nairobi News. 

Martyr's Day prayers
PML Daily reports that on Marty's Day on June 3, the bishops of Uganda's Catholic establishment prayed for the end of disease and corruption in the country. See the whole story here. 

Throwback: see this documentary on bettering charity in Uganda 

FirmRock Farm Review

This week in Kenya_ 
A murder in Kenya has left the country shaken. 

The FirmRock Farm Review is typically posted on Thursdays. It was initially created in the interest of FirmRock Children's Helper Kenya. We interrupt regular scheduled posting to make you aware that FirmRock is still in the process of planning out the future path for its library construction project.  Go to to learn more. 

The Uganda Tuesday

Today in Uganda 
Uganda moves to reopen
Within the last 24 hours, The East African reported that Uganda is now moving to a phased reopening post coronavirus-induced lockdowns.

Ugandan troops kill South Sudanese troops along the border
Today, Andalou Agency reported that the Ugandan military killed four South Sudanese soldiers along the border. These deaths followed an exchange of gunfire along the Kajo Keji border. This report cites the army spokesman Major General Lul Ruai Koang as their source.

The Uganda Tuesday is brought to you in the interest of