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The Uganda Charity Herald

The Uganda Charity Herald_

__In the time of pandemic, finding meaning and self-reliance 
CIOC has a message for the day,- 

In an hour when many are facing despair, and when many are frozen in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic rendering them temporarily jobless, the CIOC Humanitarian Initiative is getting to work. CIOC believes the communities have the final say when it comes to sustainability. That the power of self-reliance is the key to restoring hope.

The Uganda Charity Herald received word from Mr. Abaasi Walugembe on the afternoon of May 16. Walugembe has informed the editorial that CIOC is again on the move. That the organization is moving to "the next level."

The village communities surrounding the CIOC Initiative will now mobilize the village to find a market for fresh items. All items are sold and proceeds are piped through the "Charity is our calling" or CIOC mission initative.

Buy/sell (Tunda oba Gula).
Walugembe would like you to-Send a photo of your item that you may want to sell or price.
You may contact the organization via Whatsapp at +256774099393.
You can also visit the communitiy shop empowerment initiative via

The organization would like to thank you for your continued support of the initiative to redeem rural Uganda from poverty statistics through community cooperation.

The Uganda Charity Herald is a publication of The New African Living Standard news project. It was created on behalf of the CIOC Humanitarian Initiative to bring awareness to its causes. 


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