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The Uganda Charity Herald

The Uganda Charity Herald

Originally a weekly publication, The Uganda Charity Herald is a The New African Living Standard project that recognizes the achievements of charity in Uganda. It was founded to raise awareness of the CIOC Humanitarian Initiative. 

Originally appearing in Whisper Eye, this is an open letter from CIOC Humanitarian Initiative Founder/CEO Abaasi Walugembe
Whom it may concern!
Issue:Covid 19 Relief!
I am writing this on behalf of more than 100 humanitarians in Uganda.
You might ask who are the Humanitarians??What is the definition Humanitarians ?
Humanitarians actively engage in promoting human welfare and social reforms, and who has no prejudice with human suffering on grounds of gender, sexual orientation, religious or national divisions.
Our goal as humanitarians is to save lives, relieve suffering, and maintain human dignity.

In daily lives, as we are working on basic levels,our lives demand daily basic necessities like posho, water bills,beans, milk, yakka, airtime, sugar, salt, soaps and so on.
We strongly believe that we doing amazing job by bring all people together in many life spheres without forgetting explaining government guidelines about Covid 19.
Being 100 Humanitarians, we are representing more than 40,000 people of different ethnicities
Hopefully you know what I mean,we are part of 216 countries subscribed to Humanitarian activities, our voices being amplified via different channels at all levels and different languages!!!
Please ,we need support to continue spreading humanity, wisdom, love, peace and justice without for getting to remind people about Covid 19 guidelines set by the #ministry of health, #world health organization and the the #government .

Without the above mentioned in our daily lives, our helping hands also become short this explains the failure to touch hearts of the many of vulnerable and ourself,just help us with something and we keep candle burning.
Without your assistance we may fail to reach many needy in this ferocious pandemic of Covid 19.
Save us and we save others!
Thank you,stay home and stay safe as we kick Coronavirus from Uganda.
In need with special regard.
On behalf of Humanitarians
Abaasi Walugembe aka Ziribassente.

Beware, conmen turn to social media with fake charity

New Vision reported on May 8
Conmen have commonly been known to use social media to feign charity accounts. In current trends, clevel conmen will send friend requests to unsuspecting social media users. The mark of a scam typically is those who aggressively and constantly demand money for their charity. Learn more at the original article. 

In the coming weeks, The Uganda Charity Herald will have a "soft reboot" and begin publishing again on Friday evening's/Saturday afternoons with new material. 


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