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The New African Living Standard

Today, in Africa news 
Social distancing passes to zoos Today, Africa News shares news about the Giraffe Manor. Social distancing and tourist distancing impacts the Kenyan Giraffe Manor. 
See the video at Africa News. 

The Uganda Charity Herald

Tonight, please remember to pray for the people of the United States as cities burn in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, Minnesota. 

Waterlooville pageant girl raises money for Uganda charity
The Portsmouth News reported that a teenager from Waterlooville named Cerys Hewson, 18, has raised 160 euros for the Kakembo Street Children's Chairty. 
Ms. Hewson likewise raised money for a cancer research institute in the United Kingdom.
Ms. Newson participated in a two-mile three-legged walk at Queen Elizabeth Country Park. She participated with her boyfriend Archie Lovegrove.

Cerys Hewson has been raising money for charities close to her heart. She has felt love for Uganda, and her street children, which is why we commemorate her here.

The Uganda Charity Herald is brought to you by CIOC Humanitarian Initiative.

FirmRock Farm Review

Today in Kenya 
Human Rights Watch says quarantine undermines human rights
The Human Rights Watch group condemns the impact that quarantine has had on basic human rights such as access to healthcare, sanitation, information and more. See the full report here. 

Previously, in Kenyan Politics
See this elections report from Citizen TV

FirmRock Farm Review is written on behalf of FirmRock Children's Helper Kenya

The Uganda Tuesday

Tuesday in Uganda 

The Uganda shilling has changed a little. It is expected to see some growth in terms of charity and coffee. See Reuters for more. 

Charity worker dies at London home 
The Evening Standard reported that a Ugandan charity worker. Josephine Munkanjira, aged 38 at the time of passing, has died of the coronavirus. She was found dead one day after failing to join a memorial service live stream for a former colleague. She was found dead in her flat in Rainham, East London.

The Romford Recorder lived in Whitechapel. Romford Recorder stated that Munkanjira was in self-isolation at the time of death. Ms. Munkajira has extended family in Uganda.

CIOC Announcement

This message was shared to The New African Living Standard from CIOC 

Mission Statement of CIOC 
) Charity is our Calling (CIOC) Humanitarian Initiative is a community-based charity in Uganda apparently covering many communities in Mityana district Uganda and legally registered as “CIOC HUMANITARIAN INITIATIVE.CO.LTD”  Our purpose is to improve the physical and socio-economic well-being of people at the most basic level in order to stabilize their health and to enable them to establish viable existence. We represent a new type of development effort in that we are working from the source of need to define our efforts and implementation.   We receive no contributions from government or private institutions at the moment. We promote self-reliance of our community members in order establish the most basic and stable framework for living: food, shelter, health and security, education, and employment access.  Our recipients are purposely involved in helping each other and thereby creating a perma…

The Uganda Charity Herald

Coming soon. CIOC announces its mission statement in our editorial. 

Charity from Arlington Heights helps Uganda floods
The Daily Herald reported within the past week that a charity based in Arlington Heights has motioned to provide relief to communities in Uganda suffering hardship due to the compounded issue of COVID-19 and flood. The charity was initially formed in 2018 as part of an anti-malarial campaign.

The charity is headed up by Don Grossnickle of Lady of the Wayside Parish. Find Mr Grossnickle on Facebook. 

Muslim Father burns Christian daughter__awareness call
Recently from Persecution, reports have come in that an Islamic father in Uganda has burned his Christian daughter for a clash in faith.The young woman's name is Rehema Kyomuhendo. Rehema was converted to Christianity by her Christian aunt, when she accompanied her father on a business trip to the Mbara district. 

Rehema became overjoyed to learn more about the gospel while she was on the phone with a Roman Catholic b…

FirmRock Farm Review

Today, in Kenya news _ In Kawangware, landlords remove woman's roof and door for failing to pay rent During the COVID-19 outbreak, one yet cannot expect mercy from landlords. A woman in Kawangaware, Kenya learned this the hard way. When she failed to pay her April rent, landlords took her roof and door as punishment. Kawangare is a district of Nairobi. Ruth Shiundu lives there with her four children. She has lived there since last December. Things came to loggerheads with her landlord in April when she could not pay her rent. This was reported by Citizen TV.
___ In the meantime, the Kenyan government prepares citizens for the worst. This is reported by KTN. 
This news cast was created on behalf of FirmRock Children's Helper Kenya, a mission to relieve the poverty needs of children in Kitui County, Kenya's Itoloni Village area.  Learn more at 

The Uganda Tuesday

The Uganda Tuesday 

Stella Nyanzi arrested for food activism 
Today Al Jazeera reported that the academic Stella Nyanzi, a government critic who is a vocal critic of President Yoweri Museveni, was arrested along with a small group of activists for a protest against the government. Nyanzi and her activists were protesting poor government food distribution.

The East African gives bleak forecast for lockdown lift
Also on Tuesday, The East African gives a bleak outlook for the end of lockdown in Uganda. The report states that border closures with Uganda's largest trading partners has left the country largely exposed. The report projects that in the event COVID-19 persists for six months or more, over 3.8 million people will be out of work temporarily. Somewhere around 600,000 people will be permanently unemployed.

The Uganda Charity Herald

The Uganda Charity Herald_

__In the time of pandemic, finding meaning and self-reliance 
CIOC has a message for the day,- 

In an hour when many are facing despair, and when many are frozen in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic rendering them temporarily jobless, the CIOC Humanitarian Initiative is getting to work. CIOC believes the communities have the final say when it comes to sustainability. That the power of self-reliance is the key to restoring hope.

The Uganda Charity Herald received word from Mr. Abaasi Walugembe on the afternoon of May 16. Walugembe has informed the editorial that CIOC is again on the move. That the organization is moving to "the next level."

The village communities surrounding the CIOC Initiative will now mobilize the village to find a market for fresh items. All items are sold and proceeds are piped through the "Charity is our calling" or CIOC mission initative.

Buy/sell (Tunda oba Gula).
Walugembe would like you to-Send a photo of your item…

FirmRock Farm Review

KQ Doubles air fare for Kenyans grounded in Britain
Kenyan Airways KQ has doubled air for for Kenyans who are grounded in the British isles during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Kenyans will pay 771 euros or 101,000 Kenyan shillings to fly back to Nairobi from London. The East African reported this on May 14.

Namanga becomes COVID-19 hotspot
Namanga, Kenya, on the border of Tanzania, has become a hotspot for COVID-19 cases. This was reported by CGTN Africa on May 13. The Kenyan government has now classified this as a high-risk region for contracting COVID-19.

Kenya "bears the brunt" of floods in Eastern Africa 
The Guardian reported in recent news that Kenya bears the brunt of the impact of the floods that have killed and plundered East Africa. 200 people are dead. 40,000 are displaced. Heavy rain has swollen rivers and caused mudslides. Kenyan, physically, economically, and mentally is collapsing around the weight of crashing waters, pandemic disease, and locust swarms.

You can suppor…

The Uganda Tuesday

The Uganda Tuesday Written on behalf of Teso Pedo__
Museveni delays the vote  The East African reports that Museveni has stated it is "madness" to hold the presidential vote as the virus lockdown persists. This was reported on Tuesday, May 12. 
It was shared to The East African by Reuters.  “To have elections when the virus is still there... It will be madness,”said Museveni, as quoted by Reuters. 
COVID-19 positive Kenyan trucker hides in Uganda  On Monday, The East African reported that a Kenyan trucker who has tested positive for COVID-19 has been hiding in Uganda. This driver is among five Kenyan truckers who have tested positive for the virus in Uganda. 
Has Uganda abandoned its people abroad? On Tuesday, The Daily Monitor mused upon the fact that many Ugandans are trapped abroad as the COVID-19 ravages the world. Ugandan nationals have not been permitted back into the country when they were not able to make it back after aiports closed down. 
Find the whole story at The Daily M…

The Uganda Charity Herald

The Uganda Charity HeraldOriginally a weekly publication, The Uganda Charity Herald is a The New African Living Standard project that recognizes the achievements of charity in Uganda. It was founded to raise awareness of the CIOC Humanitarian Initiative. 
Originally appearing in Whisper Eye, this is an open letter from CIOC Humanitarian Initiative Founder/CEO Abaasi Walugembe
Whom it may concern! Issue:Covid 19 Relief!
I am writing this on behalf of more than 100 humanitarians in Uganda. You might ask who are the Humanitarians??What is the definition Humanitarians ? Humanitarians actively engage in promoting human welfare and social reforms, and who has no prejudice with human suffering on grounds of gender, sexual orientation, religious or national divisions. Our goal as humanitarians is to save lives, relieve suffering, and maintain human dignity.
In daily lives, as we are working on basic levels,our lives demand daily basic necessities like posho, water bills,beans, milk, yakka, airtime, s…

Floods in Kenya, Somalia, Rwanda _FirmRock Farm Review

Flooding bleeds across Eastern Africa__ For days, Sub-Saharan Africa has been challenged by the press and bleed of floods. The waters swarm the rivers. These waters carry away with the locals. 
The BBC has been there. In Kenya, Somalia, and Rwanda. By their account, the floods have killed at least 260 people. Kenya's government has recorded 194 deaths. Rwanda recorded 55 people deaths. 16 have died in Somalia. 
From CGTN, 23 hours. 

The Uganda Tuesday

The Uganda Tuesday_ reboot issue brief Presented on behalf of Teso Pedo Tuesday, in Uganda News.  _  Reuters Africa reported today that Uganda will begin easing one of Africa's strictest lockdowns. Reuters was reporting out of Kampala. The reports came as President Yoweri Museveni stated that the infection had been tamed.  _  Also on Tuesday, the Daily Monitor and Xinhua News both reported that Uganda's cases of the virus have risen to 97. This appears to be a direct contradiction of Museveni's statements that the virus has been tamed. 
Whose interests does the Chinese embassy in Uganda serve? See analysis at The Observer. 
The Uganda Tuesday is printed on the Teso Pedo cooperative. It has been delayed in recent weeks due to COVID-19 schedule conflicts at The New African Living Standard news blog project. In coming weeks TUT will have a great deal more material each issue and resume its regular publication. 
To learn more about Teso Pedo visit the link above or type this add…

Sahrawi Times__Today in refugee news

On the second of May in 2020, Sahrawi refugees were reported by the Sahrawi Press Service to have received solidarity aid from the Algerian Red Crescent. 

The solidarity aid items totaled 154 tons. They were delivered on Friday, May 1, by the Algerian Red Crescent, abbreviated CRA, to the Sahrawi refugees in regards to the Islamic sacred month of Ramadan. 

The operation was reportedly chaired by the Minister of Solidarity, Family and Women's Affairs Kawther Krikou. 

The story was corroborated by El Moudjahid. 

See more on Liberte Algeria for background. This video was taken in 2014.

Special update from the FirmRock Farm Review

Over the course of the next few days, The New African Living Standard will be migrating the FirmRock Farm review to its own media handle. It will be referred to as the FirmRock Farm Media center. It will have its own blog handle.

As a concerted effort of FirmRock Farm Media and the relief of the community of FirmRock Children's Helper from COVID-19, FirmRock has begun a relief fund. It is available at Donately. 

Below, community relief came from Kelvin Ronyo's donation to FirmRock children in Itoloni village. This relief came in the form of clothes. Material donations are also greatly appreciated.