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FirmRock Farm Review

FirmRock Children's Helper Kenya motions to develop the FirmRock Family Covid-19 relief fund__
In the wake of stories coming out of rural Kenya, where mothers have boiled stones for food. Also in today's recent news cycle, an urgent appeal has surfaced calling for support of the Maasai people during this time of immense national suffering.

Tonight, find more in-depth news regarding Kenya's inner devolution due to COVID-19.

Now, like no other time in history, FirmRock's mission is critical. If you would like to participate in the FirmRock Family Relief campaign, follow The New African Living Standard for news on the emerging campaign. You can donate directly to the organization via Donately. 

Stay tuned for the announcement of FirmRock Farm Family media, an extensio of FirmRock Farm Review that will devote its own blog to our cause.

See an urgent appeal to help the Maasai. 

Follow us on Instagram to learn more about our arts and media development. 

Today in Africa news...

Today, in Africa news__
Look for our ezine via LinkedIn later today. For now, see this in the news:
Al Jazeera's breaking interview on South Africa's dangerous politics. 

FirmRock Farm Review___Safari Operator Feeds the 24 thousand

FIRMROCK FARM REVIEW___ One Rock. One news. One future. Feeding 24,000 people, an act of mercy and an act of peace  ________ Voice of America reported an uplifting story from the midst of the coronavirus travesty in Kenya. A noble-spirited safari operator by the name of Pankaj Shah has used the resources and knowledge he has of his native Kenya, normally reserved for tourists, to instead feed his countrymen. 
Shah reports that several in his community have gone without eating for days on end. As he was quoted by Voice of America,  "One old woman told us she hadn't eaten for days."  Shah reported that as the areas in his locale went under total coronavirus lockdown people became both "hungry and angry." Shah petitioned a few friends to help him. Feeding the 24,000 people that they reached likewise became an act of maintaining peace. 
Shah is asking any Kenyans who have the income to support the initiative to donate the equivalent of $40 USD in Kenyan shillings t…

FirmRock Farm Review presents: Kenya in Peril

Police kill 12 citizens in an attempt to enforce COVID-19 curfews_ 
Andalou Agency reports that Kenya police have killed at least 12 people in an attempt to enforce a dawn to dusk curfew. Now, citizens wear any makeshift mask that they can muster to stave off the violence of the police.

Within the last two weeks, police became violent enforcers of COVID-19 lockdown. In this footage, by Telegraph UK, Kenyan authorities deployed tear gas. 

In Kiamaiko, a 13-year-old boy was likewise shot by the police. The officer was enforcing COVID-19 curfew: 

Al Jazeera reported later that the police were to investigate the killing of the child: 

France 24 also shared an interview with Kenya's president, who apologized for the "excessive" behavior of riot police: 
Kenya is a country under excessive duress due to COVID-19. Africa News shared this video showing Kenyans dashing madly for food relief, in a stampede, as the country lockdowns add further strain to a food supply already severely d…

FirmRock Farm Review

Today, in FirmRock news_ FirmRock Children's Helper compiling a digital library  In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, millions of people all around the world have become unemployed. For this reason, charitable giving is also regrettably on pause. So far, FirmRock's fundraising campaigns to raise the money to build the brick and mortar establishment for the official FirmRock library center in Itoloni village has had slow progress. 
The organization has opted to focus this time to bring the people of the FirmRock community together. A library is much bigger than the building that it is in. Knowing this, FirmRock is compiling a comprehensive digital archive to act as its source of library materials even without an official home. 
The organization's mailing address will also receive donations of books, electronics, and school and building materials to supplement the library project. Gently used items would be greatly appreciated via post, for those who would like to give them.…