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A message from Charles Okwalinga, regarding the time of COVID-19

This message was forwarded to The New African Living Standard by Charles Okwalinga of Teso Pedo Organization. Please see This is part of "The Uganda Tuesday" our journal to the rural Uganda farm network, publishing a day late due to scheduling conflicts.
This message was originally written on March 20 but was intended for publication yesterday. 
While Corona Virus travail  tarries, it came to me clearly this morning to share the following:
1. Most are looking at SURVIVAL, hence panic buying and or holding back whatever they have or can get...
2. Most feel it is time to just wait...
I want to encourage us to realize that life continues however hard, and the following will be in acute shortage post the virus pandemic:  Food, and Cash.
Whereas measures are hard, I believe our battle and therefore the victory will be in two critical areas- 
1. We must continue the principle of life, sow, to get a harvest. Literary rains are here and we must try to plant, but metaphorically, you must still spare seed, investment, sow something.
2. Power of collective to prepare for the aftermath and carry out the above action. For those saving in chicken a month, we are resetting up in a new venue and already accumulating stock of chicken. The hatchery will be launched imminently. We continue to solicit your solidarity for us to stand together but whatever you do, join efforts to prepare for a better aftermath of these global challenges. 
we are keeping the faith that the three initiatives of 2020 onward for us will win the day and future, Chicken project, Cashew, and our financial Savings to investment. Whatever you do save something, invest something, plant something. Principle matters more than amount. Share this with a friend and let us join hands and minds.
BLESSINGS and hear from you soonest.
From Charles Okwalinga .


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