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South Africa imposes strict enforcement of COVID-19 lockdown

The Guardian reported on March 28 that South African police and soldiers are now firing rubber bullets at people shopping amid the COVID-19 lockdown. The specific incident in question occurred on Saturday at a Shoprite in Yeoville. There were 200-300 people gathered outside of this location at one point, citing The Guardian's photographic archive. 

South Africa is a nation riddled with a violent statistic of HIV/AIDS cases, see Avert. HIV/AIDS compromises the public immune system. COVID-19 cases in South Africa have reached 1,100 at least. In a nation with an overwhelming HIV statistic, this could be a nightmare scenario if left unchecked. The terror over a heavily compounded healthcare crisis can contribute to the violent methods officials and law enforcement will use to impose the stiff lockdowns.

Locals stated that the police were beating anyone who would not comply with lockdown orders. Everyone is staying indoors for the most part. Some South Africans were visiting shops but …

FirmRock Farm Review Update 2

Today, in Kenya's farm news. The country's banana farmers are relieved by irrigation enhancement efforts. 

Dairy farmers likewise reveal the benefits that smart technology has to improve dairy farm productivity. 
Kenya's were also warned to "break curfew at their own peril" as COVID-19 continues to rock the planet. 
More announcements on the restructure and reorganization of the FirmRock Children's Helper Kenya relief project, Library Building project, will be available in rolling updates. 
For now, visit the below GoFundMe campaign link to learn more about the mission of FirmRock CBO to kids in the greater Itoloni village area.

FirmRock Farm Review Update 1

FirmRock has been deeply impacted by the COVID-19 crisis in Kenya. 
Due to this, the library project that the organization is working on has been at a standstill. The organization's staff are working feverishly to establish the FirmRock brand, be it through fundraiser platforms, FirmRock arts created by Suzy Nees of Floyd, Virginia, and through the tireless communications effort of Noah David, the organization's CEO. 

See more news on the campaign at this link. 
More news on local Kenya farming, COVID-19, Kenya's politics, and local Kenya through the eyes of our kids. See also updates on the struggle of our great American arts team and more. 

Thank you for your continued support of the African Voice. #journalismmatters. 
Follow #thenewafricanlivingstandard for more. 

A message from Charles Okwalinga, regarding the time of COVID-19

This message was forwarded to The New African Living Standard by Charles Okwalinga of Teso Pedo Organization. Please see This is part of "The Uganda Tuesday" our journal to the rural Uganda farm network, publishing a day late due to scheduling conflicts.
This message was originally written on March 20 but was intended for publication yesterday. 
While Corona Virus travail  tarries, it came to me clearly this morning to share the following: 1. Most are looking at SURVIVAL, hence panic buying and or holding back whatever they have or can get... 2. Most feel it is time to just wait... I want to encourage us to realize that life continues however hard, and the following will be in acute shortage post the virus pandemic:  Food, and Cash. Whereas measures are hard, I believe our battle and therefore the victory will be in two critical areas-  1. We must continue the principle of life, sow, to get a harvest. Literary rains are here and we must try to plant, but metapho…

FirmRock Farm Review__March 20,2020

Today, FirmRock Children's Helper celebrates Story Day. 
__In honor of Story Day, check out this retelling of a Maasai folktale by Apes in Space productions. 

Want more updates on world stories? Visit FirmRock Arts on Instagram. 

FirmRock campaign update
Due to the generous donation of our friend and colleague who listed themself anonymous, the FirmRock Library Center campaign is back up for business. The campaign had initially been stalled due to issues the American team faced with LinkedIn customer service and the disruptions made by the COVID-19 virus scare in the United States.

You can visit the campaign at this GoFundMe link to donate and support education and learning empowerment in the Itoloni Village area, Kenya and beyond.

Today in the local news...
Today in the local news, The Guardian reports that Kenya prepares for a community shut down due to the outbreak of COVID-19, a viral pneumonia disease that has sent the world into a state of panic.
Kenya is one of the last places …

South Africa declares COVID-19 state of disaster

The nation with the world's highest cases of HIV/AIDS has wisely declared the COVID-19 a natural state of disaster, citing The Daily Maverick. This status was updated by President Cyril Ramaphosa on Sunday night. Travel to South Africa by non-South Africans has been suspended for the time being. This will go into effect on Wednesday, March 18. The borders are closed to foreign nations from these countries, The United States, Italy, Iran, South Korea, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, and China.
Al Jazeera meanwhile warns against an African panic in the wake of the pandemic. They have reported that Africa needs not "burn down the house" to defeat the rising spread of COVID-19. This came from the Opinion column, which stated that travel bans were "damaging" and "restrictive." This columnist believed the best way to curve the outbreak was to mitigate the disease.

See this footage regarding COVID-19 tests for repatriated citizens of South Africa below, a…

Further warning of food crisis

France 24 continues to warn of a looming food crisis, as Eastern Africa battles the outburst of locusts. The plague is revenant and relentless. 

On March 10, 2020, the AP also reported in their archive footage reel that a supercomputer is helping expert officials track the origination of the locust spawn. The only prayer of truly slowly the rampage would be to kill the eggs before they hatch. Pesticides, harmful in large quantities, will be needed to beat off the swarms as running them away in teams so far has not worked.

See the footage below.

Africa, in the time of COVID-19

Africa faces the challenges of COVID-19
Later today at the New African Living Standard, join us for data follow-ups regarding the risk of coronavirus to the African continent. At this time, the heaviest number of cases, citing COVID-19 tracker maps, appear to be focused on the west-central regions of the continent, and South Africa.

As we investigate the data, please see this video broadcast by Deutsche Welle for more information about how Africa has and should approach the pandemic.

FirmRock Farm Review

Today in FirmRock news. 
March 13 is Noah David's birthday David is the CEO, and Founder of FirmRock Children's Helper Kenya, a mission to relieve the human suffering created by agricultural disruptions of drought, flood, and locust swarms in Kitui county, Kenya. Happy Birthday, Noah!
Noah is pictured in the middle. 

The FirmRock Community Impact campaign to raise enough funds to begin construction of an office and library building in the greater Itoloni region, on land donated by Mr. Philip of FirmRock is slow goings as of March 12. You may visit the campaign at GoFundMe.

FirmRock's U.S. based arts and press team are actively working to find ways around this slow change in funding goal development.

To show support, the art department of FirmRock, created by Star City Arts Virginia, U.S.A. artist and philanthropist Suzy Nees, has created artwork and seasonal gifts for the community support of FirmRock CBO. S…

Locust plagues continue. What we know about the relief. Timeline before foodsecurity issues.

Locust plagues continue to swamp Eastern Africa. In the last 24 hours, major news outlets reported that hundreds of billions of locusts now descend upon farms and communities in rural Eastern Africa. They have also touched down heavily in Pakistan, citing Radio Free Europe. Pakistan is faced with the worst plague of 30 years.  ___ What do we know?  Farmers have tried chasing the locusts to no avail. Kitui county is approaching the planting season. The situation will lead to heavy food shortages if the locust swarm is not contained. Production starts in March in this area. Farmers, struggling to control the spread, will have their regular operations potentially stalled. 
Anna Maina, of the Biodiversity and Biosafety Association of Kenya, spoke with TRT News and stated that Kenya was in a "desperate situation" but that some of the chemicals being used to beat back the locust plague are not "very good for the environment" nor particularly safe for people.  Firmrock Chil…

Keep This Fire

At the link, see the FirmRock Children's Helper campaign for Goal 2020. Goal 1: Keep This Fire. 
Thank you for your constant support of local African news. 

"See Sheba Rise" The New African Living Standard celebrates Women's Day

On this International Women's Day, we would like to take a moment to acknowledge opinions about African women's rights and social issues. The following is a work of op-ed authored by the editor. 

Africa makes great progress for the rights of women and children. 
In previous decades, the needs of young children and the rights of women have been denied to many communities across the nations of Africa. Specifically, women have faced grave challenges to have direct access to resources. Such as the cardinal resource_education.

Women face the awesome responsibility of promoting the voice of the vulnerable young. How can a woman be expected to do this well without an education? Today, we recognize the lax standard of female education that has existed in Africa. We seek to promote a reversal of this grave state.

Many women, often tasked with this sacred purpose, have found the integrity of their own adulthood compromised. They have been stripped of adult choice and therefore denied an …

FirmRock Farm Review

This week at FirmRock...
The FirmRock 2020 goal campaign has seen some major setbacks at the end of February and the early rise of March. A technical malfunction in the messaging system led to a severe social media controversy. FirmRock's staff received threats from angry social media connections regarding the glitchy messaging thread. For this reason, the purpose of that campaign was obscured. Exhausted with the controversy, FirmRock's communications staff began to reevaluate ways to drive home the dire need for support the Itoloni community has.

___Tomorrow at FirmRock, you should expect the teaser to brand films regarding FirmRock's fundraising campaign. 

For now, see this broadcast video from the Kenya local newscast. This accents the dangers Kitui county continues to face. Again, FirmRock, a humanitarian relief mission designed to support and care for the needs of 28 children living in the drought zone, requests support for the dire straights the Itoloni neighborhood m…

Coming up tomorrow, FirmRock campaign reaches dire stakes

Coming up tomorrow, the FirmRock Children's Helper campaign for community relief has reached a critical place. As locusts will continue to impact the area until as late as June, immediate relief is needed in the Kitui county region. Yet, FirmRock's GoFundMe campaign has only managed to raise $25 of the $5,000 it needs to commence with the project. 

Stay tuned here to get updates on the critical nature of locust events. 

Algeria reports coronavirus cases rising

Algeria has reported that three new cases of the coronavirus have come to the nation, citing Reuters. This brings the number of positive-testing patients to eight all total across the Sahel nation.

Cases are rising slowly in the Sahel even after North Africans elected to evacuate their nationals from China earlier in the outbreak. See video footage from Voice of America below

African nationals are advised to forego panic and to focus on following public advisories and domestically enforcing a sense of elevated virus response. This includes basic virus prevention measures, such as sanitizing surfaces and latrines with bleach water, or soap and warm water if bleach is not available:

Throwback, sharing the story of A Daughter's Journey

All children in the world deserve support and love. FirmRock Children's Helper, a charity out of Kenya that is beloved by our news project, is campaigning for the express purpose of children's rights in Kitui County, Kenya. Support of the FirmRock initiative, see this GoFundMe handle, will go toward building 28 school children a library and an office for local development.

Researching many stories that resonate with our love for children, we found the tale of a woman abandoned out of Zimbabwe. She grew up to share that gift of life to another of Africa's abandoned sons.
See her story at Sunday Night True Stories, posted back in May of 2019.

Fundraiser by Round 2 for Cameroon's Little League

Mr. Arsel Giowou of Harmony Youth Baseball_is raising money and awareness with the help of Round 2 baseball tournament sponsorship in Yaounde, Cameroon. Mr. Giowou is the coordinator of a humanitarian baseball relief in the local area of Yaounde, Cameroon.

If you would like to participate and help Round 2 push forward Mr. Giowou's dream of taking his baseball initiative to the next level, follow the link enclosed.  
See more of Harmony Youth Baseball at the video below:

This week in African politics__Can the public cut down on "energy crisis"?

Citing France 24, this week, South Africa has pledged billions of dollars to fight the "energy crisis" within South Africa.

A deficit of reliable modern energy outlets is a common problem across much of the African continent.
This includes issues with electric power grids. It also includes the issues of sustainable energy, as many African nations are still preoccupied with older forms of industrial energy resource sourcing such as coal. has called South Africa one of the 15 largest nations for energy pollutant emissions. South Africa generated 93% of its electricity from coal at the time Energypedia conducted its investigation. This is between the 2014-2018 era and so the number may trend in significantly different margins. It here serves the purpose of highlighting how steeply involved South Africa has been in the coal industry within the last half-decade.

Will the motion to incorporate billions of dollars into energy plans be a positive move for the South …