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Charles Nwoke gives us insights on his local Nigeria

This is the Akadoro bridge. 
A river that separates Ekka and Inyere wards. A friend of our network, Charles Nwoke, has shared with us the story of this locale which is his native locale. He called this particular bridge a link between the two communities. The villagers, motorcycle and bicycle riders, and farmers make use of this bridge.

The bridge is constructed with bamboo wood and rope. The government abandoned the bridge in the form above. It claimed many lives as people drown below uncontrollably from time to time.

The state of this bridge is a reflection on the struggle of Nwoke's local community with poverty and violence. Nwoke states that victims of Islamic terrorists that disguise themselves as the local herdsmen and attack in the local region included a place called Enugu, Nigeria.

Raising awareness of the state of local infrastructure in rural Nigeria is the first step in restoring both the integrity of structures and the security of local communities. This is why we have shared this story.
Charles Nwoke is a friend of #thenewafricanlivingstandard. He is looking for employment opportunities. If you would like an introduction, please write to the New African Living Standard at


  1. I'm pleased with this initiative and the good work that God is using the publisher of this noble online organization to do. Indeed, you are God send to the world, especially to Africa, where many suffer so much pain, yet our voices relegated to background noise because of bad governance. If anyone can give me an opportunity to work for as a content writer or reporter, I will in no doubt try my best to unveil the veil that our evil leaders use to blindfold our people; pushing us backwards. Thank you.


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