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Nigeria finds the first case of the coronavirus within its borders

Nigerian health officials were able to quarantine an Italian national who traveled into Lagos on business and tested positive for the virus. See more in the video below, created by South African Broadcasting Company.

FirmRock Farm Review

Effective as of tonight, FirmRock Farm Review will post on Thursdays/Fridays here on our live site. We are suspending our extraneous e-zines because we are in the process of rolling all our materials onto this live site and related blog spots. 

Stay tuned for more. 

Tonight, see updates of the Kenyan agri-news here: 

The FAO expresses its deep concerns about the locust swarm. How is Kenya impacted as of Friday, February 28? Stay tuned. 

Scenes from a Pottery Village

ACYDA is a humanitarian relief mission operating in rural Ethiopia. These are scenes from their operations. Above, little Negesti carries water for her family. 

Where these kids live, times are hard. These boys are addicted to substances. They live by the skin of their teeth. ACYDA seeks to give them a better life. 
Here, devoted to her artisan craft, the way of life steeped in older ways, this woman shapes pottery. Life for her is simple, but she faces both hard times and fruitful seasons with grace. 
Here, children from a marginalized ethnic group, are picking maize from the waste. One day, no child will be outcast and no child will need to take their foodstuffs from a waste disposal site. This is what ACYDA hopes for.

New update from FirmRock

Firm Rock Children's Helper is a CBO initiative in Kitui County, Kenya. 
Our organization mediates the immediate relief of 28 children who were orphaned or impacted by the corresponding crisis of the 2014 drought aftermath.
Recent floods that followed droughts have led to the rapid reproduction of locusts. 

The Daily Nation reports that a mass panic echoes through the country. Farmers in Tharaka North, in the Kathuri hamlet, have lost their battle with locusts three times or more in the span of two months. 
"What shall we eat?" the locals are asking. 

If you would like to support FirmRock for the immediate relief of the locust plague area, the organization is now accepting cooperation. The CEO/Founder Noah David anticipates rapidly financing a building project to create a permanent community center and relief project for local agro economics.  

Please visit this campaign to learn more. 
Or visit 

Meet Yeshitila Negussie and the ACYDA

Meet Yeshitila Negussie and the ACYDA
Pictured above, the Pottery Village 

African Children and Youth Development Association, abbrev. ACYDA is a community organization of rural Ethiopia. Pictured above, this is a pottery village that Negussie and the organization supports. 

ACYDA was legally registered on August 29, 2018. The current project is located in Ropi Town, Ropi 01 Kebele and its surrounding kebeles. 
Join us tonight for more about ACYDA's projects. 

Some regions of Kenya see locusts multiplication

Today, the Star Kenya reports that residents of Isiolo now brace themselves in anxiety as locusts begin to multiply once again. Millions of eggs have now hatched in Isiolo county and have become nymphs, which are young locusts. This was reported within the last two days.

A harvest destroyed

Bernard Makanga lost his bean crop, melons, and more in the wake of the devastation of these locusts.
See the devastation to crops, homes, and lives at Deutsche Welle.

KTN News debunks yellow-locust age myth

KTN posted this broadcast on February 18. It explains how yellow-bodied locusts and grasshoppers may not be near the end of their life cycles. 

How do you differentiate between desert locusts and grasshoppers?
_Locusts are known to become gregarious with one another and swarm. 

Yellow locusts may not mean that they are aging and near dying. Locusts of different colors have different life cycles. Yellow locusts are adult males. Females are bigger and brownish. 

Despite food security issues, desert locusts may become toxic if they eat toxic plants. Locusts will have a bright yellow and black color appearance if they are toxic in the wild. You should exercise extreme caution before eating wild locusts or grasshoppers. It is advised that you do not eat desert locusts, as color discrepancies can be complex. 

If it became necessary, however, the ancient Jewish books of the Torah described the following colors as edible locusts, citing the BBC. Red, yellow, spotted grey, and white. It is advised …

Al Jazeera shares the Inside Story on Locusts

Al Jazeera shared the below video on February 10. This gives some insight into the prospects of locust swarm disasters. This gives insights on how far the spread could reach, and how long it could continue. 


Cultism, stealing, alcoholism, smoking, prostitution, examination malpractice, and lobbying are no longer news in our tertiary institutions. The majority of students on campuses have found several vices to keep them occupied rather than their studies. Youthful exuberance and juvenile delinquency are now the order of the day.
With no fewer than one million students seeking admission into tertiary institutions every year and about half of them succeed, I do ask myself, what is the drive behind Nigerian youths wanting to further their education? Is there clarity of purpose or even an atom of ambition that is propelling them to pursue higher education? Were they properly guided?
Now, I know that the majority of parents do counsel their wards before sending them to the various educational institutions scattered all over the country, our colleges, polytechnics, and universities also organize seminars…

Locusts create critical food security issues in Kenya

Citing Thomson Reuters Foundation The locust plague that has torn through Eastern Africa has decimated entire farms and put food security at risk for countless families. One mother recalled out she had "Nothing left" with which to sustain her family. 
She is Mwende Kimanzi of Kyuso, Kenya. Kyuso is an area 2 hours and 27 minutes away from the county where our sister project FirmRock Children's Helper operates. The mother, age 38, recalls how planes came to spray pesticides almost as soon as the plague descended. Yet, it was not enough to stop the ravage of locusts that descended upon her livelihood. 
See more at the broadcast KTN News: 

Teso Pedo presents The Uganda Tuesday

Introducing the new and improved Teso Pedo's The Uganda Tuesday 

Teso Pedo is an agricultural co-op plan of rural Uganda that mediates the success of small-operation farmers in purchasing and financing cashew trees and various high-value crop assets. 
Go to to learn more. 

Every Tuesday, starting today, you can come to our live site to get telegraph-sized news updates relevant to Uganda on Tuesday that week. We also update the status of our farm cooperative friends at Teso Pedo. This is to raise awareness of life for farmers in Uganda to the rest of the vested interest world. 

For more information, contact the editor at NALS does not yet have its own mailbox, so you are contacting Rachel Brooks who is also the press officer for FirmRock Children's Helper Kenya CBO. Brooks created the New African Living Standard out of the interests of FirmRock so that small community projects in Africa would have a journal dedicated to the voice o…

Critical issues facing African economy in 2020

The African economy as an entire Continent is in an effective Renaissance.
Yet, having been said, issues now plague that market potential. These issues must be brought to public awareness. They must be seen as critical issues and responded to for the urgent matters that they are.

Locust plagues put African food security at immediate risk 
Some of the issues presented in this report will be theoretical or future-yielding issues. Yet, the problems of locusts are immediate. The locust plagues have ballooned in size, smashing records set over the last three-quarters of a century. The National Geographic referred to this as "something out of the Book of Exodus."

Sky News reports that 13 million people in Eastern Africa could face an immediate food security crisis as a result of the Biblical plague. This was quoting the U.N.

Supporting community relief efforts is one way we analyze that the locust plague impact can be diverted. CBOs support those community members who are the most v…

Usoro Obibi Ndu Óhuru Umu Africa.

Usoro Obibi Ndu Óhuru Umu Africa. Ókwa di oke nkpa. Abali abuó na Ónwa abuó (2nd February), Puku abuó na iri abuó (2020).Usoro a ga esi gbochie ógba-aghara na Wuhan: Dika Loum siri gwa ndi Nta-akukó Dika Peter Naylund Kust siri tulegasia ya Usoro Obibi Ndu Óhuru Umu Africa kparitara nkata na Mazi Hans Loum nke ngalaba akpóró Universal Care for Africa, ozugbo Njé a kpóró Coronavirus malitere na obodo Wuhan. "Anyi nwere ike ikwusi nkesa Njé a batara Wuhan na ala isi ojii (Africa) site na ijisi ike na akwócha aka anyi oge nile, oge óbula anyi zere uzere, anyi kwesiri i na ekpuchite imi anyi, anyi a hukwa na anyi enweghi mmeko anyi na onye bu Njé a. Na i be ya nkenke, anyi ga na adi ócha kwa ubóchi. Oge óbula i kwara ukwara ma ó bu ze uzere, sachaa aka gi ófuma tupu isie nri, Kwóó aka gi miri ófuma. O nwere ka ahu si eme gi, gbaga na ulór ahu ike digi nso ka i chóó enyemuaka".

Oge a gbara ya ajuju, ma aga ebutenwu Coronavirus site na mmeko mmadu na anumanu, Mazi Loum a si &…

Charles Nwoke gives us insights on his local Nigeria

This is the Akadoro bridge. 
A river that separates Ekka and Inyere wards. A friend of our network, Charles Nwoke, has shared with us the story of this locale which is his native locale. He called this particular bridge a link between the two communities. The villagers, motorcycle and bicycle riders, and farmers make use of this bridge.

The bridge is constructed with bamboo wood and rope. The government abandoned the bridge in the form above. It claimed many lives as people drown below uncontrollably from time to time.

The state of this bridge is a reflection on the struggle of Nwoke's local community with poverty and violence. Nwoke states that victims of Islamic terrorists that disguise themselves as the local herdsmen and attack in the local region included a place called Enugu, Nigeria.

Raising awareness of the state of local infrastructure in rural Nigeria is the first step in restoring both the integrity of structures and the security of local communities. This is why we hav…

Coronavirus Yet To Invade Africa, But Is Already Having Impact

As of this writing, there are 315 cases of Wuhan Coronavirus reported outside of China. By what can only be described as a miracle, none of those cases are in Africa.
Yet Africa is not immune to the consequences of the disease. As is true of any disease, there are and will be significant economic fallout both from the disease itself and from the quarantine and containment procedures instituted inside China and internationally. For Africa, much of that fallout will be felt almost immediately.