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Why most leaders are unqualified by Chima Onunwa

By Chima Onunwa
You might have been wondering why African leaders are synonymous with critique and conundrum?
Well keep on reading to discover where the problem stems from
I feel the reason why our leaders always pose divisive figures is that most of them didn't strive to get to wherever they are now. They got to top offices and positions by connection i.e because they know someone, who knows someone who will assist them to attain that position and all that.
Ecclesiastes 10:15-16 KJV, says;
Woe to thee, O land, when thy king is a child, and thy princes eat in the morning!
Mind you, this scripture wasn't talking about the leader being a child or youth in every sense of the word. Solomon was a young ruler and yet his kingdom was happy in him, rather it was referring to fickleness and weakness of the ruler.
Brian Tracy said; "Leaders are made, not born". A lot of people occupying leadership positions in various countries were not properly prepared. They were not made.
They didn't pass through the fire, so they could be molded into genuineness. Most of them had things handed to them in a platter of gold. They never faced difficult situations and conquered such situations by sheer will power and determination.
It is sad, seeing a lot of countries especially in Africa in this predicament. We are kind of find ourselves between a rock and a hard place because it's starting to be a cycle, a culture, incompetence being passed down from generation to generation with no sign of it stopping anytime soon.
My friends and fellow African citizens, how do we defeat this Goliath?
And to my upcoming leaders, I urge you, show commitment, take responsibility for things around you, it will go a long way eventually when you get to the top, don't chicken out of difficult situations, don't buy your way out of challenges that are designed to develop and nurture your strengths.
We may not have solutions to the recklessness of our present leaders but we must do all we can to ensure that the sequence is broken.


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