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The educational injustice against the girl child_by Chima Onunwa

Why is it that in our society today especially in Africa, there is a notion that girls shouldn't be afforded the same privileges as boys?
Why is it that the majority of African families tend to be piqued or resentful whenever there is no male child in the family?
You may say if there is no male child in a family, who then will succeed the father or inherit his assets when he passes on?
I dislike this statement and more so the mindset more than anything. C'mon, we are in the 21st century not in the era of our ancestors where stereotypical thoughts as such are being condoned.
A lot of families throw all their support behind the male child whenever he says he wants to further his education in college or the University but when the female child makes such claims, it holds no water and easily discarded. Most times the reply would be; "there's no need of wasting more money on you, your high school or secondary school education is enough. After all, someone else is going to marry you anyways".
Wasting?!! How is improving the lives of our daughters wasting? So you want your daughter to get married half-baked? You want your daughter to be treated as a slave in her marriage by a far more educated man, who will always belittle her intellect even though some may deny it or not make it obvious.
Why is that the majority of men are intimidated by educated females? I don't seem to understand this. We say; the best thing parents can offer to their children is education. That's the best legacy a parent can leave behind, educating their children not the male children only.
I'm not wishing to give birth to only boys, neither am I wishing to give birth to girls only but I won't be discouraged at all if peradventure I get to have four girls. I will drill them and train them to the highest level they can attain. I will ensure that they won't be frightened by the society or their male counterparts.
Please, let's look into this, any gender be it male or female can make a parent proud. In fact, girls naturally are blessed with a bright brain and if they are placed in a conducive environment with boys, I'm certain that they would thrive and even outperform their male peers.
Our girls are God's creation. They are a blessing to us from God and seeing that their lives are filled with pain and struggle from the age of adolescence (menstruation) to the age of adulthood (childbearing), why not we give them something to make them happy. Something they can look back to and it will force a smile on their face.
I'm happy because I see a lot of people fighting this injustice against the girl child in so many ways; from making opportunities such as scholarships, internships, skill-acquisition programs, etc. accessible to then. It's a thing of great joy.
My friends, what I am simply asking from you is to give our girls and ladies the same privileges that are open to the boys as well. Is that too much to demand?
I will end with a quote from the former U.S. President. Barack Obama;

" You know, we're in a sports center. Imagine if you have a team and you don't let half of the team play. That's stupid. That makes no sense. And the evidence shows that communities that give their daughters the same opportunities as their sons, they are more peaceful, they are more prosperous, they develop faster, they are more likely to succeed".


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