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Democratic Republic Of The Congo: When The Blessings Of Liberty Are Denied

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The Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman, in his seminal work Capitalism and Freedom, argued quite powerfully for the intertwining of political and economic freedom, asserting that a free polity and a free market were the foundations of economic prosperity everywhere. That thinking has guided much of the political and economic rhetoric on matters affecting the developing nations of the world.

During his tenure as Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan added an additional element to the prosperity equation--technology.
When historians look back at the latter half of the 1990s a decade or two hence, I suspect that they will conclude we are now living through a pivotal period in American economic history. New technologies that evolved from the cumulative innovations of the past half-century have now begun to bring about dramatic changes in the way goods and services are produced and in the way they are distributed to final users. Those innovations…

"Colonialism a grave mistake" Macron of France

No, Mr. Macron, Colonialism was a tad bit more than a "grave mistake". Macron stated that Colonialism was a "grave mistake" made by the French government in a recent visit to the Ivory Coast, citing Euronews.
He also called it a "serious fault". He made this declaration on Saturday, in a joint press conference with Ivory Coast President Alassane Ouattara.

Colonialism was far more than a grave mistake. It was the introduction of foreign disease, the eternal saga of wars for Africa's resources, and the catalyzing agent of both historic and modern slavery.

While he hopes that a "new page" of history can be written, Mr. Macron, along with the rest of the foreign world, must never make the mistake of downplaying Colonialism as a mistake. Colonialism was conquest. It should not have happened, and it has crippled Africa's self-reliance. Today, Africa will establish her own voice, to reverse the curse of yesterday's sins.

Moving forward some…

Tonight_Arsel Giouwu and the youth baseball apologists of Cameroon

Is Arsel Giouwu the first baseball advocate youth for Cameroon? 

A young man with All-Star league dreams for Cameroon. Baseball is a staple sport in the Western world_a way of life, yea, even religion. Yet for the kids of Cameroon, baseball is an elusive new sport that you can only learn from other pros on the street. 

Find out in tonight's The New African Living Standard 8-9pm CST. 

Awash in the Blood of Elephants

The New African Living Standard

Tonight. December 15, 2019

African bush elephants (Loxodonta africana) female with six-week-old baby, Matetsi Safari Area, Zimbabwe, CC BY SA 4.0 Charles Sharp Photography Created March 2018.  The African elephant is a majestic creature. Yet, poachers in Botswana recently made them the object of slaughter. How does poaching impact the quality of life for all Africa’s denizens_animal and humans alike?

Elephant hunting. It has been at the center of dark exotic fantasies and wildlife activists' nightmares for decades. Africa is still plagued by this old practice. In Botswana, the authorities recently seized the hunting licenses of Michael Lee Potter and Kevin Sharp. A government report states the two men willingly surrendered their licenses, citing BBC

This situation wasn’t entirely cut and dry. Botswana had recently lifted a ban on hunting elephants for the reason that elephants had shown aggression toward humans. The ban was lifted in May as the confli…

Awash in the Blood of Elephants--Preview

Tonight  As Botswana takes corrective measures against the hunters responsible for elephant slaughter, we will explore the collateral damages of poaching in the Continent. 
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