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The Uganda Tuesday

The Uganda Tuesday was created on behalf of the Teso Pedo organization. The following is a news release from Teso Pedo. Visit to learn more. ____Dear friends. I am seeking partners for Uganda National Cashew value chain development with an East Africa integration plan. You must be keen on growth investment and committed to achieving results on National and international targeting beyond your own success. Priority sectors driven by economic and social impact are Technology, Environmental and Financial integration. Sample of work on Inbox if interested and also share to your networks ____________ This was written by Charles Okwalinga, the head of the organization.  If you would like to contact the organization via the New African Living Standard to learn more about their missions and how to support them, write to our editor at 
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War and Politics: Evening update

Russia expanding military presence in Africa
Russia proceeds with increased military power plays in the African Continent. This was reported by Anadolu Agency in April, but has recently been updated by The Daily Beast. Anadolu Agency states that a German government document exposed Russia’s increasing Africa ambitions. This was reported by the German newspaper Bild which cited a classified report from the German Foreign Ministry as its source.  It was reported false by a Kremlin-biased Russian newspaper called Arguments of the Week that the Kremlin was building military bases in Africa.
 Yet, within the last 24 hours, The Daily Beast updated a brief history from 2014 to the present of the Kremlin's pursuit of greater power in the African Continent. The Daily Beast released an investigative report that traces the timeline of a Russian return to the Continent. The Kremlin also moves to train soldiers in Africa. 
The New African Living Standard will monitor future developments of these …

FirmRock Farm Review

Starting tomorrow, The New African Living Standard will launch a community effort GoFundMe drive to reboot some FirmRock projects that were stalled by COVID-19. Learn more by writing to us at 

The Uganda Tuesday

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Investment advice content from King Obutunda, YouTube 

COVID-19 mask mandate, shipment is delayed 

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FirmRock Farm Review

Firm Rock Farm Review_ 
Thursday, July 30, 2020 

The New African Living Standard @Tonight

Today is World Human Trafficking Awareness Day.  As the dawn of this day in America comes closer, we pause to reflect on the losses, grief, and challenges that our brothers and sisters across the African continent face because of human trafficking.

Learn more from this documentary posted by VPRO within the last year.
More information on recent policy reform for human trafficking, first responders, and the challenges of COVID-19.