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FirmRock Farm Review

FirmRock Farm Review
July 9, 2020

Today in Kenya News 
Earlier this week, in Kenya News 
The New African Living Standard created FirmRock Farm Review on behalf of FirmRock Children's Helper Kenya. FirmRock Farm Review is a weekly aggregation of news that impacts the local Kenyan. 
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The Uganda Tuesday

This Tuesday in Uganda. 
___Field hospitals for COVID patients
_Shelter for refugees from Congo_

We created The Uganda Tuesday on behalf of Teso Pedo. See Teso to learn more about supporting farmers in Uganda. 

FirmRock Farm Review

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FirmRock Farm Review
July 2, 2020 

Tuesday, the East African reported that Kenya is now among Africa's top tourist destinations as it acquires a national venture capital boost. Kenya saw a high attraction rate of venture capital between 2014 and 2019. Kenya was behind South Africa which attracted the most venture capital, abbreviated as VC. 

65 per cent of the venture capital deal in Kenya were below the $5 million USD marker. 25 per cent were between $5 million and $20 million dollars. Only three per cent VC deals were over $50 million in size. 
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The Uganda Tuesday

The Uganda Tuesday 

On Tuesday, in Uganda.
The Associated Press reports the worries of working mother's who sacrifice school fees to feed their children. Women are put in greater jeopardy when their husbands are out of work. Learn more here. 

Softpower Uganda reports that some Ugandan citizens were left stranded in India Tuesday as COVID-19 continues to plague the planet. The stranded citizens are scheduled to arrive in Entebbe International Airport on Wednesday. Softpower cites the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as their source.

Soldier sentenced for murder_

The New African Living Standard

The New African Living Standard 
June 29, 2020
Today in The Uganda Charity Herald news. 
see this post by CIOC. 

In this video, we see CIOC share content to spread hope and joy in a community hit hard by COVID-19. 

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See Africa News live stream. 

More news and aggregation coming tonight. 

FirmRock Farm Review

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More struggle with locusts. 
The BBC reports about a new famine as locusts respawn. Read more at 
Locals report that locusts devour virtually everything in their path. Efforts to control the locusts are considered a fight against a "plague." The locusts themselves compound the fragile living conditions of Kenyans and East Africans who must also live with urban COVID-19 lockdown.

Recap from Kenya's NTV livestream today.

The Uganda Tuesday

The Uganda Tuesday is an aggregation of news created in the interest of Teso Pedo Foundation. See
Today in Uganda, see this news from NTV Uganda.

See also the news regarding the Museveni tribute to Nkurunzinza.